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Symptoms, Causes and Treatment to Overcome Hypothyroidism

    The medical condition, where the human body is unable to produce sufficient amount of thyroid hormones, is known as hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid). To produce thyroid hormones like T3 and T4 is  the main function of the thyroid gland and is located in the neck area. The thyroid hormones are especially assigned to keeping the metabolic rate normal. Once the disease like hypothyroidism take place, the body’s metabolic function improperly and gives an open invitation to a number of health problems.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism generally develop gradually. At the initial stage, you will just experience tired and sluggish feeling. Then in later stage, you may observe symptoms like weight gain, constipation, muscle weakness, extreme fatigue, pale dry skin, depression, joint or muscle pain, A puffy face, A hoarse voice, high LDL cholesterol level, heavy menstrual bleeding and so on.


Hashimoto’s disease is believed to be the prime cause of hypothyroidism, it is one kind of autoimmune disease. Besides that, other causes that lead to the development of underactive thyroid includes deficiency of iodine, treatment of hyperthyroidism, thyroid removal, postpartum thyroiditis, radiation treatment of certain cancers and pituitary disease.


       Increase protein intake:-

     Diet rich in protein plays a crucial role in transporting thyroid hormones to all tissues greatly. As a result, adequate amount of protein consumed is must to normalize thyroid function. Nuts, egg whites, seeds (pumpkin, squash and watermelon), Turkey breast, cheese, fish (tuna, salmon and halibut), tofu and beans are some of protein rich food items.

·        Incorporate diet consists of selenium:-

     Make sure that the diet you are incorporating  is fulfilling your daily requirement of selenium. Avoid excess consumption as it may show adverse effect on your health. Foods like salmon, sunflower seeds, Brazil nuts, mushrooms, beef, onions may meet your daily requirement of selenium.

·        Avoid BPA (Bisphenol):-

    A BPA found in plastic bottles is responsible for disturbing the endocrine system. This in turn affects thyroid badly. As a result, try your level best to make use of glass, stainless steel or BPA free plastic bottles.

·        Exclude soy products:-
   Completely excludes soy products from your daily regimen as they inhibitsthyroid function. Besides that also responsible behind occurrence thyroid function. Besides that also responsible behind occurrence of hormonal imbalance. Consumption of soy products also result in disease called goilters (increased thyroid gland). Once study indicates that soy products interrupt iodine usage also. Therefore omit soy products and keep hypothyroidism at bay.

·        Choose the option of glutathione:-

     Glutathione is one kind of powerful antioxidants, which promote the immune system and also proven beneficial to fight against Hashimoto’s disease. It encourages the body’s capability to regulate the immune system, plus conquers autoimmune flare-ups and ensures protection to the thyroid tissue. Foods like broccoli, peaches, avocado, asparagus, squash, spinach, garlic, raw eggs and grapefruit are great examples of glutathione. These foods substantially assist the body to produce glutathione.

·        Check iodine level:-

    Incorporating a diet low in iodine also result in hypothyroidism. Sufficient amount of iodine in diet is vital for normal thyroid activity. Without iodine, to produce hormones is just impossible for the thyroid gland. Therefore, lack of iodine is reason of iodine is reason of iodine is reason  of iodine is reason of hypothyroidism. By utilizing iodized salt also, one can keep this health disorder at bay. According to several researches, baked fish is the best solution to consume iodine. 

·        Have a healthy natural diet:-

     For ensuring a healthy body, if possible, remove pressure from the immune system. This means stay away from food items, like artificial flavors, processed foods, colors, white flour, preservatives, hydrogenated oils, table salt, high fructose corn syrup, aluminium. These food items are extremely harmful for for health. Organic food is a great option to get rid of this severe medical condition.

·        Coconut oil:-

     Coconut oil contains an excellent source of medium chain fatty acids which substentially aids in improving thyroid functioning. In addition, this oil stimulates metabolism and promote energy. For cooking purposes, make sure that you are using coconut oil. Another option is, add 2 tbsp of coconut oil to milk and have it in the morning with breakfast daily.

·        Say no to all sources of fluoride:-
     Fluoride is a major risk factor responsible behind occurrence occurrence of thyroid disorders. Fluoride conquers the thyroid and contributes to the development of hypothyroidism. Therefore, drink spring water only, completely exclude carbonated drinks, make use of fluoride free toothpaste and shower filter. If possible, do not make use of no-stick cookware. Coffee and tea both hold fluoride in large quantity, so utilize iodine to compensate if these drinks are absolutely necessary.

·        Avoid stress:-

   Try maximum to indulge in stress relief techniques like yoga and meditation. Keep in mind, thyroid is most sensitive gland and it immediately reacts to stress response.

                  Treatment of hypothyroidism is possible with the help of medication also. As medication provides the body thyroid hormones and it is essential for smooth functioning. Levothyroxine  medicine is highly utilized to deal with this disease. Actually, it is a synthetic form of T4. Synthetic form of T3 that is liothyronine is also available. Most doctors recommend a combination of T4 and T3 to get rid of hypothyroidism. Some patient suffering from hypothyroidism needneed thyroid hormone treatment for entire life also.


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